Capture the Value of your Calls and Meetings

Easy to Capture and Share

Lo más Importante
  • Lifetime Subscription
  • 3 Year Subscription
  • Capture the important points of all your meetings
  • Share your meetings with all the participants
  • Focus on the meeting

Pinstriped is the perfect companion app for professionals and business owners. It’s designed to help you stay FOCUSED at work – by filtering and transcribing your calls and recording your conversations with your team online.

Don’t waste time. Pay attention and stay focused.

Pinstriped helps you stay productive by leveraging AI to capture the key points of your meetings and make them available to you, where and when you need them. Pinstriped saves your time, improves your productivity, and gives your team the power to make decisions faster.

“Meetings at work present great opportunities to showcase your talent. Do not let them go to waste.” . Abhishek Ratna

There’s nothing worse than a long meeting or conference call where you can’t take notes. Pinstriped is a simple, powerful Chrome extension.

Pinstriped is the only meeting management solution that can be used both in person and remotely. Meetings, like any other work activity, are expensive and wasteful if not structured well. Pinstriped’s goal is to optimize the meeting experience by facilitating communication between participants and streamlining the process from start to finish.

With Pinstriped you’ll get:

  • Web app
  • Add unlimited meetings
  • Unlimited saved meetings
  • Free for the people you share with
  • Updates included.


“Organize content in talking points, files, links, decisions, & action items.”Use Pinstriped


Take control of all your meetings.



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