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Create QR codes in seconds

Who needs barcodes when you have QR codes?

QR codes are widely used in the retail industry for marketing purposes. They are used to provide information about products, display discounts or coupons, and even to make payments.

Try the easiest and most powerful way to engage and market to your audience!

Style yourself? Get a QR code that represents the real you!

QR codes have come a long way. From being limited to black-and-white or blue, you can now get any hue in the spectrum, with patterns and textures for all your designs. Choose your color in our brand’s colors, send an image of it out in the world, and let QR codes do what they do best—efficiently is just for you!

You can generate QR codes for any given text or URL. It is also possible to generate QR codes from images, videos, or audio files.

QR codes are a type of matrix barcode. They can store a lot of information in a small space and can be scanned by both smartphones and traditional scanners.

The newest and best way to create, send, and track QR codes on your website and app.

We’re into prints that always match your mood!⁣ If you haven’t already, you can create QR codes with our newest feature to represent your brand colors and style. All you have to do is specify two colors in the app, and it does the rest for you!

We love customizing our QR codes so they match our brand colors. 

Create more leads and CRUSH YOUR MARKETING GOALS with QR CODES!

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