The 2022 Complete Better Manager Course Bundle


Learn everything you need to know about business leadership, management, and human resources. The 2022 Complete Better Manager Course Bundle is designed to give you a strong foundation in the areas of operations, financial strategy, people development, and leadership. This bundle includes brand new courses that are sure to be the next best thing to teach you how to be a better businessperson!

Courses Included

  1. High Output Management
  2. Structured Thinking
  3. Leadership with Nathan Rosenberg
  4. How to Make a Deal
  5. Business Law with Zach McGee
  6. How to Hire
  7. Scaling a Family Business with Teddy Fong
  8. Demystifying the Board of Directors
  9. Know Your Equity
  10. Compensating Your Employees


Pareto Labs gives you practical MBA. Boost your confidence at work with over 200 on-demand videos that simplify business education into practical, bite-sized lessons and give you access to the minds of Fortune 500 executives, billion-dollar startup founders, and top investors. You’ll get skill courses, mentor courses, and concept breakdowns to understand business concepts.

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