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This is a smarter way to post on Instagram

LIFETIME Subscription

Planagram is a service that handles all of a client’s Instagram needs. It provides users with a platform to connect and share their content seamlessly and organizes the content in an easy-to-use interface.

Planagram is a new type of social media posting software that takes care of all the hard work for companies. It solves the problem of hours wasted on building posts, scheduling them, and analyzing what works best. This software helps build your audience by providing analytics and insights into what they want to see.

  • Schedule posts, galleries, & stories to go live automatically
  • Schedule & post up to 10 images at once
  • 25 Instagram accounts
  • 3GB disk space
  • Photo posts
  • Video posts
  • Album posts
  • Album video
  • Story picture
  • Story video
  • Dropbox integration

If you want to be successful at instagram you must think as a Digital Marketing Agency to show your audience all your posts on time.

“This one-of-a-kind tool ensures you stay engaged with your audience when they’re looking to engage with you.”



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